à la carte

  1. daily from 7:00 a.m (for breakfast buffet including over 30 items) until 23:00 for lunch or dinner

While you stay at our hotel, don't miss our must experience restaurant. It offers a number of set menus, Greek & international cuisine, and unique traditional delights of the area which are suitable for all budgets, consistently delivering a magical atmosphere where everyone can enjoy great portions of the best quality food and an efficient, friendly service.


Opposite the port, just 2 minutes from Egnatia Highway.

It is the only restaurant in the region of Igoumenitsa that can accommodate a large group of people and serve them impeccably.
No need to stay at the hotel for lunch.

  1. Staff included in the infrastructure
  2. Specious configuration options
  3. Large Bar
  4. Audio/Video equipment
  5. Summer terrasse

DINNING is Inspiration

Dinner is to a day what dessert is to dinner