Sivota: Epiru's Riviera and the surrounding beaches

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Arguably the “Greek Caribbean” or the” Epiru’s Riviera”. Whatever the characterization, the area is spectacular. Sivota is a seaside tourist resort which has become very popular in recent years. It welcomes thousands of tourists from both Greece and abroad. The village of Sivota is built alongside a small harbor with small lush green islands scattered all around. This green landscape combined with the turquoise waters of the lace- like coastline create an idyllic scenery.

At the village’s small harbor there are small cruise ships which take the tourists to daily sea cruises to Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos islands. There are also plenty of private boats for rent, so that you can visit the nearby small islands of St Nikolaos, Mavro Oros, Megalo and Mikro Mourtemeno where you can dive and explore the rocky edges and the small sea caves. By boat you can also reach all nearby beaches, which are the main reason why Sivota gains in popularity among tourists year after year.

In the many beaches all around the area you will find crystal clear waters in all shades of blue. The beaches are either sandy of covered in small white pebbles. In almost all beaches there are organized beach bars and in some there are water sports facilities. To most you will need to either drive or go by boat, as is the case for “Pissina ( The Pool)” a very famous place for a dive due to its deep turquoise waters resembling a pool.

If you need to rent a vehicle, there are scooter rental offices in the village. If you want us to arrange a rental for you can always contact us.

During daytime Sivota is a very quite village where you can enjoy a morning coffee in one of the many cafes along the seafront. The atmosphere changes at night when the whole place becomes vibrant and lively with restaurants and bars at the seafront or in the small streets around the village. There are traditional tavernas serving Greek cuisine, fish tavernas, steak houses and Italian restaurants.

If you have a car you should definitely travel around the area as there are many places of unparallel natural beauty. At a close distance to Sivota you will find the village of Plataria northwards. Perdika and Parga can be found if you decide to move southwards. The drive along the coastline linking the three villages is something you should not miss.

The hotel Angelika Pallas, being next to the International Port of Igoumenitsa is in the perfect location for any tourist wishing to visit Sivota on a day trip(it is half an hour’s drive from the hotel’s car park). It also serves as an ideal getaway to any other place around the prefecture of Thesprotia.